For me, nothing is more important in daily life than healthy and tasty food. You eat to live after all. Why not make it special I collect the best recipes and love to experiment in the kitchen. It is the focal point of my house. I spend hours at my favorite task. I love that it is practical and affects others who care to partake. If I do a good job, I will be in high demand. Now that is a pleasurable position to be in. Give it a try and see.

Thank goodness for the marvelous products of industrial engineering that make my life easier. People devoted their careers to making us all happy in the home. Think of the updated chef’s ovens, advanced microwaves, digital refrigerators and numerous easy-to-use appliances. What would I do without the hot and cold tap, blender, food processor and, of course, the mandolin? You can mix, slice and dice in seconds these days. Kitchen tools are God’s inventions.

But there are, of course, many more in the household. We can’t forget history’s most important one: the toilet. I kid you not. I can’t talk about the products of innovative people over the years without mentioning the john. It is probably more vital for some than the kitchen. And the toilet has also been the subject of innovation. Some of the basics are the same, but with vast improvement.

For one thing, they are self-disinfecting and cleaning and can take care of you, too, with a post-process douse of hot water. Years ago, we would have laughed at the prospect and now it is rather common. Toilets are streamlined and attractive, a real décor item in the most used room in the house. They come in varying heights and seat materials to ensure comfort. It can’t get better than that. Well, maybe it can. Low-flush models save water and are eco-friendly.

Back to the kitchen. Since I am on the topic of inventions, I love the air fryer and all the great things it can do without adding oily calories to your meal. It is a hot item these days and, of course, I have one. It comes with lots of recipes and it doesn’t take much skill. My kid could do it. The technology is genius. It uses hot-air circulation to cook the ingredients from all sides. If you care about health like I do, this is the answer. So get cooking!